General Binding Rules

Rule 1: Only discharge 2 cubic metres or less a day in volume 

For sewage from a residential property, use the daily discharge calculator to work out how much you discharge a day.

For commercial properties (such as a hotel, restaurant or office) or holiday accommodation (such as a cottage or chalet), use British Water’s Flows and Loads Guidance. You will need to add all sources of flow together.

If you discharge more than 2 cubic meter's (2,000 litres) a day to ground you must connect to the public foul sewer when it’s reasonable to do so. 

To find out if there is a public foul sewer near your property, contact your local water company. You may also need to ask your neighbours if their properties are connected to the public foul sewer, as water companies’ maps may not show all their sewers near you.

You must check with your sewerage undertaker (usually your local water company) before you:

You must apply for a permit if it’s not.